Research Outline

Environmental Racism Research


To have a broad understanding of "environmental racism", which would also include the best terminology to be used for "environmental racism", An ideal response would include a list of 3-5 organizations and specific projects within those organizations that tackle the issue of environmental racism. This should be a global focus.

Early Findings

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • Our initial hour of research focused on scanning for the availability of publicly available data on the questions, and then providing some data, as well as one company that is touting it is fighting environmental racism, along with one of their partners and one cause within environmental justice they are tackling.
  • What we want to make clear, however, is not every company uses the term environmental justice to describe their efforts, using other terms that involve the word climate injustice or climate justice. We will be using those terms if further research is moved forward on.
  • We also found that while some companies like Unilever (which we covered in the early findings), as well as Nestle say they are fighting environmental racism, but in fact, they have had media coverage that states otherwise. This will make it more challenging to accurate find the companies that walk the walk and talk the talk.
  • We also found three terms that we found were often used instead of, or in conjunction with "environmental racism". these terms came up quite often in our initial hour, and we did not see any others references. We are not suggesting pursuing this as a project moving forward.
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