Research Outline

Target Industries and Market Sizing -


You would like us to identify the industries/sub-industries that should target. is a search engine for charts and data visualizations (primarily intended for use by consultants, marketers, and sales). The industries identified should be those that have a lot of painpoints in this area and are therefore likely to be lucrative for to go after, and ideally should be smaller, fast-growing industries. For each industry identified, you would like to what the size of the market is, both in terms of dollars and number of companies in the market (i.e. number of potential users). You would also like an analysis of potential pricing options for a service like (in other words, what should charge for their services). This information will be used to help decide on a monetization strategy for their charts search engine.

Early Findings



  • Consumer Packaged Goods: $760 billion
  • Biotech: $775 billion by 2024, globally.
  • Internet Marketing: $283.35 billion (global digital ad spend).
  • Strategy Consulting: $43.07 billion, globally.
  • Human Resources Consulting: $24.9 billion in the United States.


  • Adobe sells stock images of graphs and charts for various purposes.
  • Customers can purchase a monthly subscription, which allows them to use 3 'assets' per month, at a rate of around $30 per month.
  • Customers also have the option to purchase an annual subscription, which allows them to use 10 'assets' per month with one free month included (i.e. 10 free assets). The price for this subscription is also at a rate of $30 per month.