Research Outline

Telehealth - Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Vietnam


To identify the top 5 telehealth players in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Early Findings

  • "According to a report by Frost and Sullivan, the Asia-Pacific telehealth market could hit US$1.79 billion by 2020, with an annual growth rate of 12 per cent."
  • Doctor Anywhere is a healthcare app that was launched in 2017. It has 50,000 users with 50 doctors onboard. The app offers video consultation at S$20 and also offers medicine delivery.
  • A Chinese healthcare app named Ping An Good Doctor is set to enter Southeast Asia including Singapore and China. "Ping An Good Doctor had some 228 million registered users in China as of June."
  • HaloDoc, in Indonesia, has 2 million users and 20,000 doctors.
  • WhiteCoat has over 5,000 installs on Google Play Store.
  • MyDoc has helped 100,000 users across Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asian countries with video/voice/text consultations and other services.