Research Outline

Eventbrite and Ticketmaster Revenue


To identify the 2018 revenue of Eventbrite and Ticketmaster.

Early Findings

  • Eventbrite's net revenue was $291.6 million and 27.4% of their revenue came from outside the U.S. Therefore, Eventbrite's revenue in the U.S. in 2018 was $240.9 million. (291.6 million*0.826).
  • Ticketmaster is a subsidiary of Live Nation Entertainment.
  • Live Nation Entertainment's global revenue from its ticketing segment was $1.5 billion. The company sold 480 million tickets across all ticketing channels in 2018 with 265 million of those being sold through the Ticketmaster platform.
  • Based on the information above, approximately 55.2% (265 million/480 million) of Live Nation's ticketing business occurred through Ticketmaster in 2018. Therefore, it was calculated that Ticketmaster's global revenue in 2018 was approximately $828 million ($1.5 billion*0.552).