Research Outline

Tier 2 Credit Lenders


To find information on tier 2 credit lenders in Australia. Examples of these lenders include Nimble, Credit24, and Wallet Wizard. Information to be searched for will include the demographics of category consumers, their motivations, the marketing that drives their behaviour, what they use the loans they get from tier 2 lenders for, and any recent communications/campaigns within the market

Early Findings

Major Tier 2 Credit Lenders

  • Nimble, Credit24, and Wallet Wizard all offer a variety of loans to consumers in Australia.
  • For instance, loans offered by Nimble are divided into a few categories i.e. small loans, medium loans, personal loans, and car loans. The terms offered for these loans vary depending on the loan type and typically start at 62 days to a maximum of 84 months.

Loan Use

Competitive Advantage

  • Wallet Wizard claims that part of its competitive advantage is in offering loans that are up to 70% cheaper than companies.
  • On the other hand, Credit24 identified some of its competitive advantage features in the fact that the company: offers flexible loan options, is a responsible lender, offers fast approval, does not have a lock-in contract, and is 100% online.
  • Nimble's competitive advantage lies in the fact that the company offers flexible repayment options, an application process that is 100% online, and flexible loan payments of up to 60 minutes.