Research Outline

Water Utility Companies


To obtain the customer count of the water companies in the spreadsheet.

Early Findings

  • Albemarle County Service Authority in Virginia serves 19,738 customers.
  • Alexandria Sanitation Authority in Virginia serves 320,000 customers.
  • Aquarion in Connecticut serves 230,000 customers.
  • Arizona Water Company in Arizona serves about 250,000 customers.
  • Arizona America Water company serves 14 million customers across 46 states.
  • Data for Arkansas City in Kansas, Arlington Water Utilities in Texas, Atlantic County Utilities Authority, Aurora Utilities Department in Colorado is not published.
  • Artesian Water Company in Delaware serves 86,500 customers.
  • The City of Ashland water department serves 6,700 customers.
  • The City of Athens water department in Alabama serves 10,600 customers.
  • Augusta Water District in Maine serves 5,700 customers.
  • Austin Utilities in Minnesota serves 12,000 customers.
  • Austin Water & Wastewater in Texas serves over 1 million customers.
  • Azurix was acquired by American Water in 2001.
  • The available data has been entered into the attached spreadsheet.