Research Outline

Solar Installation Companies: US


To identify the top 10 solar installation companies in the US, the average size of a solar installation company, and how the large solar installation companies find sales leads. This will be used to better market sales leads to large solar companies.

Early Findings

Top Solar Installation Companies in the US

  • Based on consumer reviews as compiled and reported by SolarReviews, the top 100 solar installers in the US include Solar Bear, Arizona Solar Wave, Renova Energy, Efficient Home Services, etc.
  • Conserve Energy Future also provides Verengo Solar, SolarCity, SunPower, Sunrun, etc., as some of the top solar installers in the US.
  • Based on expert reviews and consumer reviews, Consumer Affairs provides a list of the best solar companies/installers in the US including SunPower, Vivint Solar, SunLux Energy, Sunrun, Tesla Energy, Sungevity, etc.
  • Market research company, IBIS World, provides that Sunrun, SolarCity, and Vivint Solar Inc. are some of the top solar panel installers in the US. Market Watch corroborates some aspects this information, with the addition of Tesla.

Size of a Solar Installation Company

  • There isn't any explicit information on the average size of a solar installation company.
  • However, popular solar installers like Sunrun and Vivint Solar have 1,001-5,000 employees.

How Large Solar Installers Generate Sales Lead

  • While sales leads generation could include networking, ads, email marketing campaign, SEO, etc., there isn't any direct information on how large installation companies generally generate sales lead.
  • More information may be available if we focus on specific companies.


  • During our preliminary research, we could identify potential companies that may constitute the top solar installers in the US, however, there wasn't any specific metric to objectively rank them or create a top list.
  • We could check for the average size of a solar installation company but couldn't find any useful details including in terms of revenue range or employee count. This may only be feasible through triangulation.
  • Also, we could briefly research on how large solar installation companies are generating sales lead but found not general or specific information. We suspect this information may be scarce even for specific companies. However, looking into companies' marketing efforts or strategies may be promising.