Research Outline

Websites for Conservative Americans


To establish websites visited regularly by politically conservative Americans, with a special focus on websites that are in the Google Ads display network.

Early Findings

Gateway Pundit

  • Ranked as the number one website for conservative Americans, Gateway Pundit publishes breaking and trending news, commentary and conservative analysis.

The American Thinker

  • The American Thinker is popular among conservative Americans as it does not post graphic or flashy content.
  • The website avoids multi-media assaults and focuses on exclusive conservative content. Some of the content published on this website include comments from readers, most of whom submit impressive grassroots opinions and discussions for publication.

National Review Online

  • National Review Online is popular among conservatives as it provides thorough details and information on foreign policy. Subscribers of this website access their newsletters through email prompts.

The Federalist

  • The Federalist is popular among conservative Americans as it provides a wide array of topics that look into the American culture, politics, and religion. Its unique content provides counter-point arguments on various developing stories.

PJ Media

  • Initially, PJ Media was known as Pajamas Media. While its name has had a slight adjustment, the content remains the same as the site still publishes exclusive commentary for conservative Americans.
  • The content in PJ Media invites influential conservatives to comment or write on various topics and submit them in a blog or column format. The primary goal of the website is “to defend, protect and preserve the ideals that make America great.”