Research Outline

General Sales Talent Challenges


To identify the top challenges in finding sales talent in general, to inform leaders on macro issues related to find this talent

Early Findings

One source noted that the broad range of places online and offline to seek sales talent makes it challenging for recruiters to identify where to look for and connect with potential hires.

Strategies to identify top sales talent can be challenging, specifically because potential sales talent are inherently good at ‘selling themselves’, making it hard to differentiate between actual high sellers and those who are simply skilled at self promotion.

It’s also noted that engaging interviews that encourage in demand candidates to choose one company over another is a challenge of finding and acquiring sales talent, as well as making that interview process replicable so the most candidates can be interviewed.

Additionally, it was noted that incorporating business practices and company culture that keep top sales talent satisfied is often just as important as recruiting strategy, as fewer roles are required to be filled if a company has low turnover.

Another challenge is that there is such an increasingly high demand for top sales talent, meaning recruiters and companies must have a strong brand, and recognize that sales talent are often interviewing the company in terms of opportunity offered just as much as a company might interview a potential salesperson.

Finding ways to reach and interest millennials is a specific challenge in the sales space, because millennials are not afraid to jump from company to company, and are often seeking new opportunities even when in satisfying position.

Similarly, it’s noted that sales candidates are often juggling multiple job offers, finding candidates also requires standing out over other offers, via interview and promoting job benefits and perks.

One challenge those recruiting sales talent often overlook is how important social media is, and how often this tool is not utilized effectively.

It’s also noted that finding sales people often requires expanding the potential talent pool and considering sales recruits who have limited experience in sales but related competencies. However, many recruiters limit their talent pool unnecessarily.