Research Outline

Top Talent in IT/Tech


To identify 4-6 methods companies are using to attract top talent in the IT/Tech space and what challenge each method is addressing.

Early Findings


  • Attracting quality tech talent is a struggle, although every business is seeking them out in order to have an upper hand.
  • These candidates last about 10 days in the market while the recruitment for other professions takes an average of 52 days.
  • HR and recruiters are embracing technology in order to improve the speed, efficiency and presence of their processes.
  • High potential candidates choose companies that make their internal culture public. For this reason, companies are transparent about their business in order to attract the talent.
  • These candidates look out for a company's social media presence and job ratings on various sites. These sites include Kununu and Glassdoor.
  • They tend to apply to companies that have a positive reputation and are active on their various social media platforms.

Effective Practices

1. Inbound Recruiting

  • This method addresses recruitment from the perspective of earning rather than buying talent.
  • It allows the top talent to have engaging experiences through effective communication.
  • This method maps out the candidate journey, which resemble the consumer funnel.
    • "Attract + Convert + Close + Delight"
  • This method addresses the challenge that there are fewer talented people than there are positions/companies. For this reason, staying candidate-centric will be of great benefit to any company seeking to recruit.

2. Employer Branding

  • Statistics show that 69% of potential employees will most likely apply if the employer is involved in managing the brand.
  • An employer who has a strong public image will most likely attract great talent.
  • A sense of openness allows potential employees to connect with the employer and the brand.
  • When aspects of the team culture are made public, it enhances trust. These items include work processes, managerial attitude, and team diversity.

3. Career Pages

  • Dedicating a page in the company website to recruitment and details of the job positions is effective.
  • These pages should be designed to attract new talent. It should not simply be a listing of jobs.
  • This page is a great avenue to share more of the company culture and belief.
  • Adding testimonials is a great tool in building trust and confidence in potential candidates.

4. Recruitment Video Marketing

  • According to the NY Times, the average attention span of consumers is at 8 seconds and it will only decrease. For this reason, video marketing is the most effective way to pass on a message creatively.
  • Research shows that 65% of video watchers watch more than 75% of any video.

5. Talent Acquisition via Social Media Marketing

  • Posting information on social media increases the chances of it being visible to potential candidates.
  • Analyzing the social media use of potential talent allows recruiters to determine how best to target them.

6. Employee Referral Programs (ERPs)

  • Looking inside the company to get talent through referrals is one of the best ways to tackle recruitment.
  • Employees who already understand the company are best-placed to determine whether candidates would be attracted to the brand/company.

7. Campaigning

8. Internships and Mentoring