Research Outline

Hospital Inventory Software Products: Clients and COVID-19 Response


To provide examples of clients of the hospital inventory and/or supply chain management software products like Evalus and SpendVu. To also identify additional actions that these companies are taking to respond to COVID-19.

Early Findings


  • Research indicates that Evalus does not make its client list public. However, it is evident that professionals working in equipment-intensive healthcare organizations use the software to evaluate medtech products, equipment, and interventions.
  • The software is also used by healthcare providers who are willing to focus more on improving the quality of patient care and reducing healthcare costs.
  • The company has not made any public announcement regarding the actions it is planning to take to respond to COVID-19.


  • Sutter Health, headquartered in Sacramento, is one of the clients of SpendVu.
  • Sutter Health provides coordinated care to more than 3 million Californians through its well integrated network of hospitals and care facilities.
  • As far as Sutter Health’s collaboration with SpendVu is concerned, it uses the value management system (VMS) functionality of SpendVu’s software to bring transparency to all management levels of the Shutter Health system.
  • Bon Secours Health System is another healthcare client of SpendVu’s software products.
  • Bon Secours is a US$3.2 billion not-for-profit health system that owns and manages 18 acute care, 5 long term care, 4 assisted living, 6 retirement communities/senior housing, 14 home care and hospice services, and other facilities, primarily on the East Coast.
  • Bon Secours also uses Spend Vu’s VMS functionality extensively.
  • Like Evalus, Bon Secours has also not made any public announcement regarding the actions it is planning to take to respond to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Response

  • During the current COVID-19 outbreak, as healthcare providers are increasingly seeking ways to better manage their inventories, companies like Jump Technologies is offering software solutions, such as JumpStock, to track how quickly providers use supplies, providing the end users with the data to back up the supply chain staff's stocking decisions.
  • Using Jumpstock, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare has reduced its on-hand labor and delivery supplies by 40%.
  • The healthcare provider has also reduced its inventory in one nursing unit by 64% within a span of four months.
  • Another healthcare provider Spectrum Health is managing its supply chain staff inventory using simple and popular software solutions such as Microsoft Excel and Minitab.