Research Outline

Medical Podcasts


To find nine more medical podcasts related to plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Early Findings

  • After scouring the top charts on Chartable, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Top Podcast and more, we could not find anymore prominent cosmetic or plastic surgery podcasts.
  • PlayerFM lists several podcasts related to plastic or cosmetic surgery. However, they are not ranked by popularity, revenue or subscribers.
  • Therefore, this list has been compiled from podcasts who are actively producing content today and appear professional, rather than amateur, in production.

Staiano Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Staiano hosts a weekly Q&A on Facebook. These are then uploaded in podcast form to listen to later.
  • In the Q&A, Dr. Staiano covers a variety of topics related to plastic surgery.

The Natural Plastic Surgeon

  • Barrett Plastic Surgery produced this podcast, which has guests hosts every episode. Similar to others, episodes are broadly organized by topic.

Beauty and the Surgeon

  • Dr. Jason Martin aims to offer a more holistic podcast, often partnering with his nutritional therapist colleague to cover a variety of beauty topics.
  • Each episode covers a theme like fat, gynecomastia, body lifts or breast procedures.

Let's Talk Beauty

  • Dr. Downs offers his medical opinion and guidance on surgical and non-surgical options related to enhancing beauty.

Enhance Your Practice

  • Intended for medical professionals, this podcast is hosted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • Each monthly episode covers topics applicable to running or growing their business in the industry.

The Plastic Surgery Revolution

Nip Tuck Saturdays with Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg

  • Dr. Greenberg hosts a local radio hour weekly, though podcasts are only posted infrequently. On the show, he discusses trends, skincare and more.

The Reality of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Hosted by Dr. Thomas Buonassisi, this podcast attempts to demystify cosmetic procedures by discussing the in-and-outs of various procedures.

Inside Aesthetics

  • This podcast is slightly more broad, covering nutrition, skin, cosmetic procedures and surgery. Hosted by Dr. Jake Sloane and David Segal, it seeks to "showcase the reality of what's available, away from the filtered bubble of social media and without bias".