Research Outline

The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show


To provide the required information on the previously identified medical podcasts such as their ratings, hosts, awards, notable information, target audience, main topics, and themes. Specifically, we will be reviewing the following medical podcasts: The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, The Natural Plastic Surgeon, Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay, What’s Your Wrinkle,  Transforming Bodies Plastic Surgery Stories,  The Allure Podcast,  Spa Medica,  Plastic Surgery Journal Club, and Plastic Surgery Uncensored.

Early Findings

The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show

  • The show's host, Dr. Anthony Youn, is regarded as a prominent cosmetic surgeon and celebrity health expert by Thrive Global. He is also a best selling author having written two books: "Playing God: The Evolution of a Modern Surgeon," and "In Stitches."
  • The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show has a rating of 4.7 out of a total of 5 stars and has been rated 208 times on Apple Podcast.
  • The host had a chat with Urban Wellness Clinic where he discussed some of the key themes in his podcast. According to him, undergoing surgery isn’t necessarily the answer to looking younger, and he continually tries to identify some of the latest but proven methods for achieving younger looks without surgery.
  • The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show features a total of 179 episodes and 195 podcasts sessions. Some of the most recurring topics on the podcast revolves around developing a healthy lifestyle, an overview of various plastic procedures as well as their benefits and challenges, skincare routines, and selecting the right treatment options.