Research Outline

Tourist Attraction Innovations


Determine the top zoos globally by visitor count and by revenue.

Early Findings

Most Popular Zoos by Visitor Count

In order to determine the most popular zoos by visitor count, the research team reviewed multiple lists of the most popular zoos globally, and then identified visitor counts for each. We then ranked them in order.

San Diego Zoo — California, USA

  • The San Diego Zoo receives 4 million annual visitors.

Berlin Zoological Garden — Berlin, Germany

St. Louis Zoo — St. Louis, Missouri

Tiergarten Schönbrunn — Vienna, Austria

  • The zoo has more than 2 million visitors per year.

National Zoological Park — Washington, D.C., USA

  • The zoo receives more than 2 million annual visitors.

Schonbrunn Zoo — Vienna, Austria

  • The Schonbrunn Zoo receives 2 million annual visitors.

Bronx Zoo- New York, USA

  • The zoo receives 2 million visitors per year.

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium — Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Singapore Zoo — Singapore

Philadelphia Zoo — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Toronto Zoo — Ontario, Canada

Basel Zoo — Basel, Switzerland

  • The Basel Zoo receives 960,685 annual visitors.

Edinburgh Zoo –Edinburgh, Scotland

  • The zoo receives 800,000 visitors per year.

National Zoological Garden -Pretoria, South Africa

  • The zoo receives 600,000 visitors annually.

Wellington Zoo — Wellington, New Zealand

  • The Wellington Zoo receives 249,701 annual visitors.

Welsh Mountain Zoo — North Wales

  • The zoo has 200,000 annual visitors.