Research Outline

Using B2B Leads from Trade Shows


Locate commentary, quotes, interviews, surveys, and other publicly available resources for insights from decision makers (specifically of B2B companies) regarding how they use leads obtained from trade shows, what they get out of attending trade shows, and how sales people think of trade shows. This information will be used as part of a sales pitch to decision-makers of B2B companies that go to trade shows and need a better option for obtaining leads and making their presence known without the hassle of a physical trade show.

Early Findings

How Trade Shows Produce Leads

  • According to info published by Zoom Info, 41% of companies believe that event marketing is their best opportunity for lead generation. Additionally, 62% of B2B company leaders believe that trade shows are a key component to marketing their business.
  • Leads are obtained at trade shows through a variety of practices, including but not limited to giveaways, QR codes, demonstrations, and video interactions.

How Leads from Trade Shows are Used

  • Exhibitor Online found that four out of 10 companies that attend trade shows and generate leads reach out to about 80% of their leads.
  • Using lead management software as opposed to paper forms of engagement for leads (i.e. mail, email blasts, etc.) help to increase lead revenue by at least 10%. This technology makes it possible to automate the process of obtaining, tracking, and vetting leads to ensure that they are credible and likely to produce revenue.
  • Lead management software can help ensure that a company is getting in touch with their leads sooner than anyone else, which is necessary considering that between 35% to 50% of sales tend to go to the vendor that reaches a customer first.
  • Some companies will maintain regular contact with the leads they generated from trade shows over a period of time, increasing their sales from leads by 50%. Unfortunately, though, 86% of companies do not keep in contact with unresponsive leads, even if they've only tried 2-3 times to reach them.

Pros of Generating Leads Outside of Trade Shows

  • According to the Boston Consulting Group, 70% of B2B mobile searches will be done through a mobile device by the end of 2020.
  • For the most part, leads generated from a trade show are contacted within a week of obtaining the lead at a physical trade show.
  • About 80% of sales have to follow up with a lead at least 5 times before they convert it into a sale.