Research Outline

Trends In Healthcare- Patient Experience


To identify the latest trends and innovations in healthcare with regard to patient experience and engagement, focusing on technology/digital enabled services.

Early Findings


  • Nowadays, patients expect their experience with any healthcare provider to reflect the personalization and ease of use that they find online in so many other aspects of their lives. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) has implemented an industry-leading biometric technology, across 27 hospital campuses and physician practices, in order to check-in patients during the registration process using simply the patient’s index finger.
  • UPMC aims to use these biometrics (over 600,000 fingerprints captured to date) to create a personalized consumer experience for the patients and enable a faster and more convenient self-check-in process.

Electronic Access to Surgical Events (EASE)

  • EASE is a Snapchat-like app that enables surgical teams to communicate with family members during surgery. It sends HIPAA compliant updates to the patients and their loved ones from the operating room, NICU, ICU, ER and medical floor.
  • EASE messages last for 60 seconds of view time and decreases waiting room anxiety by updating families about a patient's progress through video, photos, and text messages.
  • Physicians from Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children were involved in development and testing of this app and it has been used by the children's hospital for about three years and is now used throughout the Orlando Health system.

Cloud-Based Multimedia Platform

  • These platforms deliver video highlights of physician-patient encounters to patients' smartphones or computers, capturing physicians' explanations of diagnoses, treatments, and procedures, as well as diagnostic images.
  • Playback Health is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based multimedia platform that helps the patients to review the video and images through an app, which includes other features such as a list of care team members and patient responsibilities.
  • The latest version of the app is being tested in the Lenox Hill neurosurgery and gynecological oncology departments before rolling out to other areas of the hospital.