Research Outline

Twitch Potential Partnerships


To determine 2-3 partners in each category (anime, comedy, and creative arts) that Twitch should partner with.

Early Findings

Twitch Partnership with Anime Platforms

  • Twitch has already partnered with the anime platform, Crunchyroll, in the past. This is a prime example of how Twitch can leverage the existing audience on other platforms to increase its own audience.
  • Through the partnership, Twitch offered "a 6-day Crunchyroll marathon". The marathon ran "back-to-back episodes of entire series 24 hours a day for nearly 20 different anime hits."
  • The marathon was free to watch on Twitch supported by ads. Twitch Prime subscribers could watch the episodes ad-free.
  • Twitch could attract Crunchyroll's audience by showing them free-to-watch episodes of anime hits and then advertise to those viewers that were not already Twitch Prime (or Amazon Prime) subscribers.
  • Additionally, viewers could also live chat, which could help in building communities where viewers could watch content together, which was again an opportunity to attract new viewers to Twitch.
  • The rationale behind Twitch's partnership with Crunchyroll is to leverage the similarities in the audiences of the two platforms.
  • Twitch could also partner with Anime Strike, which is an anime SVOD service owned by Amazon. It should be noted here that Twitch is also owned by Amazon and a Twitch-Anime-Strike partnership would make more sense. The rationale would be the same as with Crunchyroll, i.e. to leverage similar audiences.
  • Twitch's partnership with Crunchyroll deepened when Twitch offered a 30-day subscription to Crunchyroll.
  • Both Twitch and Crunchyroll have benefited from the partnership. Crunchyroll, which also operates a Twitch channel of its own, made Twitch its exclusive live-streaming platform for its Anime Awards show for two years back-to-back.
  • The live stream of the Anime Awards show on Twitch garnered about 500,000 unique viewers.

Twitch and Creative Arts

  • Twitch has already attracted numerous people from the creative arts community and many have been using the platform "to connect in new and more direct ways, and share knowledge in a truly interactive environment."
  • Not only does Twitch have a community of creative artists using the platform for these purposes, but the platform has attracted CG artists, i.e. artists with expertise in video game art.
  • Twitch can leverage a marketing strategy whereby it partners with such a creative arts platform and attracts its audience with two main value propositions, 1) to reach out to the gaming community and the creative arts community native to Twitch, and 2) by introducing them to CG art (those artists that are not already into CG art and may find it interesting).