Research Outline

Boy Scouts


The organizational structure and headcount of Boy Scouts based on their LinkedIn.

Early Findings

  • On LinkedIn, there are 7,796 employees at Boy Scouts of America.
  • Other than their administrative professionals and leaders, Boy Scouts of America is mainly managed by volunteers. Currently, the organization has up to 1 million volunteers.
  • The organization has 262 local councils worldwide. These councils are led by over 1,000 district executives in total.
  • As per LinkedIn, Boy Scouts of America has roughly 140 administrative professionals - most of whom are administrative assistants.
  • Boy Scouts of America has a top-down organizational structure. The organization has an executive for different departments/sectors.
  • There are nine professionals in its national leadership. There is a Chief Scout Executive; a National Chair Volunteer; a National Commissioner Volunteer; an Assistant Chief Scout Executive for Development, one for Field Service, Support Service & one for Outdoor Adventures, a Chief Financial Officer, and a Chief Strategy Officer.
  • The organization has almost 150 marketing professionals and over 70 finance professionals.
  • Its accounting functions are handled by 66 professionals.