Research Outline

Non-Faith-Based HealthShare Programs


Provide details of non-faith-based health share programs in the United States, including enrollment requirements, cost for a family of four, out-of-pocket costs, services, positive reviews and negative reviews, and exceptions (if any). If the program covers families and is either national or covers the states of Georgia and Ohio, we will place these findings into the spreadsheet mentioned above

Early Findings

  • We found that there is only one nonreligious health share in the US, Trinity Healthshare which is provided by Aliera Healthcare.
  • We've added required details on this organization in the following spreadsheet. Below is an overview of our findings.

Trinity HealthShare

  • To qualify, you must attest to the following Statement of Beliefs: "1. We believe that our personal rights and liberties originate from God and are bestowed on us by God. 2. We believe every individual has a fundamental religious right to worship God in his or her own way. 3. We believe it is our moral and ethical obligation to assist our fellow man when they are in need, according to our available resources and opportunity. 4. We believe it is our spiritual duty to God and our ethical duty to others to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors, or habits that produce sickness or disease to ourselves or others. 5. We believe it is our fundamental right of conscience to direct our own healthcare, in consultation with physicians, family, or other valued advisors.
  • While there is no publicly available listing for rates or quotes, an external source notes that mid-range coverage costs an average of $634.80 per person.
  • Services offered vary widely based on the level of plan, which ranges from interim, complete, every day, and catastrophic. Key services include telemedicine, wellness & preventive care, primary care, chronic maintenance, urgent care, labs, a prescription discount program, hospitalization, and surgical. Supplemental services are also offered which include dental and vision coverage.
  • Out-of-pocket cost falls into three deductible levels; $5000, $7500, or $10000, which vary based on the type of plan purchased, value, plus, or premium.
  • There are 45 exemptions, which we've listed in the attached spreadsheet.