Research Outline

U.S. High School Teenager Mobile App Usage

Early Findings


Provide user demographics on U.S. high school females regarding mobile app spend/usage (i.e. what they use, how they use, when/how they use it, why, how much they spend, how often, etc.) in order to successfully evaluate a potential business idea.


  • According to a study conducted between March 7-April 10, 2018 by Pew Research Center, 42% of teenage females between the ages of 13-17 say that Snapchat is the online social media platform that they use, while 25% of teenage females say that they use YouTube the most.
  • On average, approximately 81% of teenage girls utilize YouTube, 75% use Instagram, 72% use Snapchat, 53% use Facebook, 32% use Twitter, 9% use Tumblr, and 4% use Reddit.
  • About 97% of teenage girls own or have access to a smartphone at home, 31% can access a cellphone that is not a smartphone, 88% can access a desktop or laptop computer, and 75% can access a gaming console.


Much information regarding mobile app usage and spend is limited for the specific demographic of high school aged females (girls between the ages of 13-17). Many industry reports/studies start the ages off at 18-24, and thus do not apply to this setting. However, there are numerous studies, reports, infographics, etc. regarding high school cell phone and mobile app usage. As a result, we recommend triangulation to apply the available statistics to the requested demographic. Please view the example below for further understanding:
  • % of teenage females that say social media has a positive effect because it makes it easier for them to connect with family and friends = [40% of all teenagers] * [50.8% female] = 20.32%

To restate: we propose doing further research to try and locate research studies, industry reports, and insights on the types of mobile apps that U.S. high school girls use the most, as well as when, how, and why. If data is available on how much this demographic spends on mobile apps, that info will be included, as well. If data specifically focused on this demographic is limited, we propose triangulating it in the same manner as the example above. Please confirm the scope or send any preferred adjustments, thanks! (3 hours, $75).