Research Outline

Home Decor: Moving


To understand the portion of home decor sales that are made before /during/after the move. To prove or disprove the statement that most home decor sales occur during the moving process.

Early Findings


  • During a move, most people realize they have so much clutter.
  • Most of what they moved with took more effort and cost more money than it should have.
  • When moving, people are majorly concerned about the furniture fitting in the new space.
  • Additionally, most people want to decor once they arrive at the new place and have put in the main furniture in. However, most people may delay that activity.
  • Experts advise that one should decorate the home right away.
  • Major projects such as painting, flooring, updating the lighting, and roofing should be done before moving.

Summary of our Findings
  • If experts are advising people to decor their homes right away, it would be right to assume that people do not decorate their homes before or during a move.
  • They do the major activities such as painting before and install the smaller items once they have familiarized themselves with the space.