Research Outline

Insights/Trends: Global Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industries


To identify at least the top ten trends and environmental shifts affecting the the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industries over the next decade through 2030 to leverage as input into an environmental assessment.

Early Findings

Our background research on global health care and pharmaceutical trends and environmental shifts revealed insights. Here are some key pieces of information we found:

Global Healthcare Trends and Environmental Shifts:

  • According to industry experts, "personalized medicine tailored to the unique needs, genetic makeup and lifestyle of each patient will continue to be an important trend in healthcare."
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted by industry experts to have "the potential to improve the diagnosis and treatment plans of patients" as a future trend.
  • Industry experts also agree that an emerging trend in global healthcare is "wearable digital devices that can generate real-time data about patients that will play an increasingly powerful role in healthcare."
  • One environmental shift is the aging global population. "The percentage of the global population that is 65 or older will double from 10% to 20% by 2050. As populations around the world continue to grow and healthcare becomes more widely available, people are living longer than in previous generations."

Pharmaceutical Industry Trends and Environmental Shifts:

  • Industry experts, predict that a future trend in the pharmaceutical industry will be "the computing power of AI that will drastically cut the time scientists spend analysing data and testing molecular combinations as they tweak formulas and develop new ones. Already, pharmaceutical R&D labs are using AI to predict the relationships between biological mechanisms and disease symptoms."