Research Outline

Baby Registries -- Spending


To provide total dollar amounts of baby registry spending in the US, along with data for individual spending and average amounts spent per registry in the last 10 years.

Early Findings

Baby Registry Total and Individual Spending

  • There is a continuing trend of increase across numerous aspects of spending in baby registries.
  • Average baby registry value in the US has increased from about $1,600 to $2,100 since 2015.
  • This indicates a 24% increase of item prices on average for baby registries as consumers continue to accept higher quality items as viable/worth the value for their baby registry needs.
  • About half of items purchased for baby registries fall below the $20 range, with an average individual participant spending total of $130.
  • While exact numbers of baby registries and total spending were not available, a prominent baby registry service reports that over 72,000 baby registries were opened on their site in the first half of 2018, also referencing an industry baby products valuation of $30 billion.
  • From 72,000 baby registries with an average spending value of $1,600 to $2,100, this market segment has reached at least $115.2 million to $151.2 million in 2018 (72,000 * 1,600, and 72,000 * $2,100). This, however, is not necessarily indicative of the entire market as it is only one top registry site's values.
  • There are numerous online baby registry service options with unique discounts on items and program offerings.
  • Current registry trends include the use of AI for automatic registry list population, an overwhelming preference for online registry services, and crowdfunding platforms for baby registries.
  • A higher rate of 44% of baby registry service users prioritize needed/essential items over personalized gifts at a 14% request rate.
  • Exact values for the total dollar amounts spent on baby registries was not found available. Individual years were searched for total valuation statistics and average individual spending amounts, and while some information was available to indicate average values of baby registries from registry sites, there was not enough data to support calculations for individual spending based on average participants in individual registries across the entire market, total registry spending values, industry average registry spending, and/or sufficient data in previous years within the 10 year range.