Research Outline

Channels of Content Marketing


To determine how brands benefit from different channels of content marketing like influencer-generated content, user-generated content, and brand-generated content through case studies. We need to identify the conversion rates, web traffic and post conversions to site for these channels.

Early Findings


  • User generate content on social media has been on rise over the last decade due to their organic and highly-reputable nature. 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like. On the other hand, 51% of consumers say less than half of brands create content (brand-generated content) resonates to them as authentic.
  • 79% of the consumers believe user generate content (UGC) highly impacts their purchasing decisions, while only 13% said content from a brand (PGC) is impactful and a mere 8% said influencer-created content (IGC) would highly impact their purchasing decisions.
  • While UGC and IGC both are important elements of any digital marketing strategy, UGC is not suitable for new brands with a small presence on social media channels as UGC will just not reach enough consumers to make a large impact.

Case Study: IKEA

  • IKEA deployed a user-generated content strategy by creating a strong community on social called “IKEA At Mine” which calls for customers to share images of IKEA products in home. They conducted a monthly round-up where they hand select UGC to feature on their UK Instagram, serving up imagery of products in real homes.
  • IKEA's social handles registered 27% higher reach for the UGC as compared to their branded content, 3.54 times higher conversion rate when a user interacts with UGC, and 2.7 times higher engagement with UGC on the homepage than owned content.

Case Study: Society6

  • For an upcoming e commerce store and online community like Society6, allows artists to sell their artwork through various products, the best way to boost awareness of their brand was through Influencer Generated Content (IGC).
  • They worked with influential millennial women who are fashion conscious and in college. Through the work of 21 influencers, the campaign resulted in 24 pieces of content published. The campaign videos have been viewed more than a million times, and have an engagement rate of 5.68%.