Research Outline

VC Investments


To understand the venture capital funds that seveal Japanese firms have invested in.

Early Findings

  • Nomura Securities, according to Crunchbase, has only made 2 investments in the past 2 years. These were both direct investments, not into VC funds.
  • The company's news section gives a bit more information. For example, Nomura Holdings and Nomura Research Institute have joined to form a Joint Venture Company with 2.4 billion yen planned for the first three years. However, this is the holding company, not Nomura Securities specifically.
  • There are no press releases regarding Nomura Securities investing in VC from the last 2 years.
  • A news aggregator search did turn up some results. Nomura Securities is one of the investors in the $10 billion Venture Global natural gas project. Again, this is more direct investment rather than a VC fund.
  • Asset Management One only has its 8 most recent press releases on its website. In March, they formed the MM Capital Infrastructure Fund I L.P. with two other investors. The capital level for the fund is around 20 billion yen.
  • Mitsui invested in venture fund G2VP in June 2018. The deal was worth $350 million.