Research Outline

Top Grocery Products


To create a list of food categories with corresponding demand. Ideally the data will be able to be presented in a spreadsheet with the food category (and specific sub categories), a specific SKU, product name, unit / size, and price.

Early Findings

The broad nature of this request presents multiple levels of difficulty. Primarily, the largest retailers, grocery stores, etc. do not release large amounts of data sets. The best we can do is start very high level and then begin to drill down to more specific product categories. While I have tried to provide specific products that are top sellers (both Amazon and Walmart's best sellers are in the spreadsheet) as well as general product categories and allocated sales, I was not able to get down to specific SKUs and prices - especially given SKU and price will not be constant across geographies and retailers.

The spreadsheet can be found at the following link:

Find a summary of the findings on each tab below:

  • USDA 1 - food consumption and nutrient intakes for 2007 - 2008- this shows how different genders, ages, races, and incomes consume different amounts of foods. This gives a good sense of the most in demand categories with vegetables and meats usually leading in consumption
  • USDA 2 - Analyzes the same data on a % basis for 2007 - 2008
  • USDA 3 - Looks at the market share for given retailers of the different food groups on a percentage basis
  • Amazon - Amazon's top 100 products for April 2020
  • Top Fruits and Vegetables - PMA's top fruits and vegetable sales in the US
  • Top Supermarket Product Categories The top 300 U.S. supermarket product categories listed by annual sales for the 52 weeks ending June 14, 2015. The table includes sortable lists of dollar and unit sales.
  • Walmart - Walmart released its 5 top selling products going back to 2012. The results are summarized on the sheet