Research Outline

Hip Hop Dance Teams


To identify hip hop dance team in the Philadelphia, PA or Montgomery County, PA areas. Class-based hip hop should be avoided. The information is being used to find a team for a thirteen-year-old girl.

Early Findings

I Am Phresh

  • I am Phresh has three dance teams that are based on both age and skill.
  • Phreshest Kids is for those aged 7-13. Creative Monster is the professional team of the studio. Academy of Phresh is a collection of individuals interested in Hip Hop.
  • It appears from the website that there is an element of tuition involved if someone is looking to join the teams.
  • I am Phresh teams were the World Of Dance Champions New York 2013, World Of Dance Champions New Jersey 2014, World of Dance Champion New York 2017, East Coast Dance Competition 2016 and 2017, and Prelude Champions 2014, 2015, 2016.
  • I am Phresh can be contacted through the website. They are located at 12301 McNultry Rd, Philadelphia, PA.

Rennie Harris RHAW

  • RHAW is the youth hip hop training company that teaches pre-professional dancers professionalism, production, Street Dance History, and technique in the various styles of street dance.
  • It is unclear from the website if this group is open to the public or how people go about trialing for it. The link to the kids page was unfortunately broken.
  • RHAW can be located through the website.

Edge Dance Company

  • The Edge Dance Company has a Hip Hop group. It appears that it is predominantly classes on offer. There is a link to information about the dance company, but a login is required to access the information.
  • Edge Dance Company is located just out of Philadelphia at 400 York Road Jenkintown, PA. They can be contacted through the website.


  • A considerable part of the first hour was spent trying to locate hip hop teams that were not attached to classes, but we were unsuccessful. We then spent the rest of the time identifying studios that had teams attached to them. The studios we have identified, while offering classes also have teams that compete. The criteria for joining the teams was not available on the websites. Contact details have been included, as even if they do not offer Hip Hop teams. It may be possible to locate a team by asking these groups.