Research Outline

Total Addressable Market Size For Five Drugs


To find the total addressable market size and projection of new patients entering the market over the next 12 months for the following drugs; Farxiga, Qtern, Brilinta, Bydureon/Bcise, and Roxadustat. This to inform the marketing budget allocations for the five different drug brands.

Early Findings

Farxiga, Qtern, and Bydureon/Bcise are used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
There are around 29 million Americans with type 2 diabetes.
Brilinta is used in the prevention of stroke and heart attack in patients with heart diseases.
As of 2016, 121.5 million (48% of adults) in the US have some kind of heart disease.
Roxadustat is used to treat anemia of chronic kidney disease.
Around 37 million US adults have chronic kidney disease and about 90% of them would eventually have anemia.