Research Outline

Colorado Springs EV Ownership


To understand how many people in Colorado Springs own an EV or plan to own one.

Early Findings

  • Around 24,000 electric vehicles are registered in the state of Colorado.
  • Last year, around 23,959 total EVs were registered in the state, out of 211,653 new vehicle registrations.
  • In 2018, 476 new EVs were registered in El Paso County. This jumped to 1,568 in 2019 so far, representing a 229% increase.
  • The top EV models selling in Colorado are Tesla Model 3 (2600), Nissan Leaf (969), Tesla Model X (500), Tesla Model S (468) and Chevrolet Bolt (338). These are 2018 figures.
  • A survey by Consumer Reports revealed 31% of prospective new car buyers would consider one for their next purchase. 5% say they are "definitely" considering one for their next purchase.
  • El Paso county's total vehicle registrations are only available through 2017, when the total registrations were 568,674, and Colorado Springs registrations were 368,239. However, this is all cars bought and sold, not just new models.