Research Outline

NBA Top Corporate Packages


To find examples of the best VIP and corporate experiences offered in the NBA, and how they are presented and sold to corporate clients.

Early Findings

Best VIP and Corporate Experiences

  • The Amway Center, home of the Orlando Magics, offers a variety of premium packages, ranging from courtside seats to MVP tables, which include free food and drink with waiters, free dinner at Jerrigan's restaurant before each game, and touchscreen HDTVs.
  • Packages also include private parking, private lifts to reach the VIP boxes, as well as door plaque branding.
  • Some Los Angeles Lakers VIP packages include a licensed team framed plaque featuring a team-used basketball and a gift bundle.
  • The Washington Wizards are building a 1,000 square foot courtside patio for their VIP ticket holders, including a bar and a place to experience great food. Their VIP tickets are offered at a minimum of $230 for a game.
  • Previously, the Atlanta Hawks had also introduced a courtside bar to their stadium in 2017 but it was smaller than the Wizards' patio.
  • The Chicago Bulls give the opportunity to take a pre-game photo with the mascot on the court, as well as receive a mascot visit during the game.
  • The New York Knicks offer the opportunity, in exchange of a $500 donation, to attend the pre-game shout around, take a photo on the court after the game, have an autograph from a Knicks player, as well as a Dream Note message that will be broadcast in the Madison Square Garden at half-time.
  • When concerts are held at the Madison Square Garden, it is possible to entertain clients in the Knicks locker room.

Communication and Sales

  • Los Angeles Lakers corporate packages are not promoted on their website but appear in third party websites such as
  • Orlando Magic promote their premium packages on their website.
  • Chicago Bulls have a brochure including their corporate packages.
  • The New York Knicks have a large section of their website dedicated to corporate, VIP and premium packages and experiences.

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