Research Outline

Eleksen’s Competitors


To provide a list of Eleksen’s competitors.

Early Findings


  • WaveOptics is a start-up company based in Milton Park, Oxfordshire, which is considered a high-tech hotspot.
  • WaveOptics has developed augmented reality technology that overlays normal glasses. In December 2018, the company raised €23m.

Pick Protection

  • Based in Glasgow, Pick Protection has developed technology that monitors the activities of workers in lone environments. With the help of a device, the technology provides GPS location services as well as an SOS alarm. The SOS alarm can be activated by the worker in case of an emergency.


  • DNAnudge is a London-based personalized genomics company that has developed a technology that maps its customer’s genomes.
  • The genomes are modified as per the person’s DNA. One of the company’s popular product is a wearable wristband known as DnaBand. In this case, the wearer of the wristband can scan an item to determine if it’s a good match for their DNA before buying the item.