Research Outline

Most Diverse ETF


The goal is to determine which ETF is considered the most diversified in order to make investment decisions.

Early Findings

  • The Vanguard Total Stockmarket ETF is considered highly-diversified. They hold 3,600 stocks. The fund is considered highly-diversified because its "large amount of holdings reflect the entire universe of investable U.S. securities".
  • The Vanguard Total ETF is considered the best overall ETF.
  • The SPDR S&P 500 ETF has $262 billion in assets and has a yearly performance of over 10%. It is considered highly-diversified because it distributes its funds into multiple sectors including information technology, health care, financial, and industrial.
  • The iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETF (IEFA) has almost 3,000 stocks and has $63 billion in assets. It is a well-diversified fund that has low owner costs and includes small-cap stocks.
  • Fidelity ZERO Index Fund (FZROX) is a zero-fee fund. It is considered diverse because it focuses on the total return of the US stock market.
  • More diversified funds can be found in this list. Funds include the iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF, the Cambria Global Asset Allocation ETF, and the Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF.