Research Outline

Future of Professional Sports, Tourism, & Physical Experiences


Gain an understanding of the future of professional sports, tourism and physical experiences, including travel for pleasure, and what people will expect from physical experiences such as concerts or live sporting events, as related to post-COVID trends, in order to determine how brands and businesses should currently adapt.

Early Findings

  • One source notes that while fans are currently tuning in to live sporting events, after COVID they will crave interaction and be ready to disconnect from technology and celebrate at events with other people again.
  • This will drive the return to ballparks, arenas, and football stadiums, and renew attendance.
  • However, there could be concerns around hygiene and sanitation in most public assembly spaces.
  • This may lead to demands for new designs of sports and entertainment facilities with a focus on touchpoints, restrooms, and food and beverage cleanliness.
  • It's recommended that teams and franchises think ahead and anticipate potential health concerns of fans before they open their doors.
  • COVID has also increased public focus on sustainability, so fans may be more aware of the environmental impact and carbon footprint of live events, and demand more eco-consciousness.
  • It's also recommended that venues prepare for future similar crises, by developing technology to enhance virtual experience, including ways to simulate audience participation and crowd noise.
  • Sporting events have traditionally been a way to unite audiences during moments of national crisis, and provide normalcy, so any ways sports brands and venues can offer distraction from stress and economic challenges will likely be welcomed.
  • Approximately half of consumers surveyed noted they would return to sporting events a few weeks after restrictions are lifted, and the other half indicated they would likely not return for a few months.
  • Indoor sporting event venues caused more trepidation amongst potential attendees, compared to outdoor venues.