Research Outline

Content Rights Management Competitive Analysis


Obtain a competitive landscape of the content rights management sector including the challenges the providers address, influencers or content providers that they work with, press coverage, and notable technology trends.

Early Findings

Content Rights Management Market

  • The content rights management or the digital rights management (DRM) market is set to further grow due to the increased activities in the content marketing and digital broadcasting space.
  • The growth of the industry is propelled by companies's increasing activities to put their content on social media sites to sell their services or product offerings on these platform. These firms are set to stake their claim on their intellectual property (IP) rights.
  • Those providing digital rights management software provides several offerings such as IP address monitoring, stopping screen grabbers, and limiting access to important files in devices.
  • Some of the notable technology trends that are impacting the industry include the increasing piracy concerns due to the increasing sales of mobile devices.
  • Some of the challenges that the content rights management or DRM providers face in general include the lack of common understanding on content piracy conditions, the lack of generally-accepted standards, and conflict of interest.


  • PR Newswire recently published a press article about a paid market research report on the digital rights management market landscape. The report includes a quick mention of Collab releasing its Collab DRM tool.
  • Collab has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Dunkin' Donuts, Nike, Honda, Amazon, and others.