Research Outline

Wholesale Uncut Crystal Dealers


Identify wholesale dealers for uncut crystals or gemstones (specifically dealers that carry tourmaline, aquamarine, and tanzanites) in Brazil, Madagascar, and Afghanistan.

Early Findings


Dino's Rocks and Gems

  • Website
  • Address: Avenida Senador Salgado Filho, 8500, Viamão — RS — Brazil.
  • Contact information:
  • How to order: To place an order, the company has a contact form available on their home page that can be used to request information.
  • Description: Dino's Rocks and Gems is based in Brazil and provides minerals and gemstones, both raw and tumbled straight from the mines. The company provides both air and sea freight options as well as wire transfers. Unfortunately, the company does not provide a detailed list of the exact minerals and crystals that are provided, however, they do provide images which correspond to the provided images.

Minec: Minerals from Brazil

VR Stones