Research Outline

Women Using BareMinerals Products.

Early Findings


To figure out whether women are intimidated or reluctant to use products and additionally, whether they simply stop using them due to the results not being what they thought it would be. If that information is not available, to find out the general psychology of a woman when picking a beauty product and whether they are intimidated from asking for professional help when choosing a product and whether that is because of lack of knowledge or something else, like lack of interest or the online experience being too complicated.

Early Findings:

  • It is apparent that there is little to no recent information about BareMinerals and whether women are reluctant to use them for any reason. There is an article from 2012, that discusses this, but unfortunately it is from the point of view of top makeup artists and skincare specialists, and not the average female consumer. There are some interesting insights, though such as a statement from Kerry Herta, a makeup artist, who states: "It’s so natural looking it’s like a second skin. And on hot humid summer days it wears better than traditional liquid makeup."
  • This article discusses why women wear makeup, which lends some insight as to why they would pick a certain beauty product.
  • This source shows the most important product features for women when selecting makeup products in the United States as of May 2017, and does so by age.
  • This recent article discusses what women think is important for a makeup product before they will choose it based on ethical ingredients.
  • This recent article from Forbes discusses how the beauty industry is adapting and changing based on how women are behaving when deciding to purchase a beauty product, which have been identified as One: Erosion of trust in society. Two: Race to the bottom (trying to compete by selling at the lowest price) . Three: Craving for authenticity . Four: Shifting sources of influence.